Japan is one of the world’s most homogenous nations. In schools across the country, small differences in skin-tone are noticed, with kids of mixed-race often bullied.

In 2018, Shiseido set out to educate children with a program designed to celebrate differences, with help from an unlikely champion: a crayon.

In partnership with schools, art and ethics classes were combined.

During these classes, Shiseido scientists scanned each child’s skin to create a color profile. This was matched with a crayon of the identical color.

Kids drew themselves, swapped crayons, then drew each other, producing an experience applauded by kids and teachers alike.

TOKYO : Produce, Direction, Edit, Color grading
Director : Ryuichi Hasegawa
Producer : Yas Osawa
Production Manager : Miki Tagusagawa, Anju Yoshida
Editor : Ryuichi Hasegawa
Colorist : Ben Conkey
Production Company : TOKYO
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