TOKYO × Blackmagic 1

Flower Artist : Hisayuki Nishibeppu
Choreography : PSYCHE
To celebrate the release of the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, 30 filmmakers are selected to make a film.
Director Eiji Tanigawa approached the idea of “Locus, Miracle” (both are pronounced KISEKI in Japanese).  He tries to capture locus and miracle of life through the actress and flower. Feel every breath of life in Mari Azuma’s improvising performance.  Life is madly beautiful.

TOKYO : Produce, Direction, Edit, Camera
Director : Eiji Tanigawa
Assistant Director : Yuki Ishikawa
Producer : Yas Osawa
Production Manager : Miki Takusagawa
Director of Photography : Tadashi Sato
Editor : Eiji Tanigawa
Actor / Actress : Mari Azuma
Production Company : TOKYO
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