In this collaboration between Eiji, UNIQLO,TBWA\HAKUHODO,

UNIQLO jeans become hands on a clock face, perfectly illustrating the round-the-clock comfort and resilience offered by UNIQLO’s denim wear.

Director Eiji on the project: “From when I first got the brief, I loved the simple visual impact of the clock hands. I used this movement to represent UNIQLO’s ‘Life Wear’ philosophy. We added a little narrative to further emphasize the product’s attractiveness.”

The beauty of the project was further enhanced by cinematographer Paul Laufer, with top-notch steadicam work from Ari Robbins of La La Land fame.


TOKYO : Direction, Edit
Director : Eiji Tanigawa
Editor : Eiji Tanigawa
Narrator : Eiji Tanigawa
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