Japanese pop group WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA’s new music video for their single The Bamboo Princess beautifully illustrates a modern version of an ancient Japanese fairytale. In the original story, a baby is discovered inside a glowing bamboo plant.
But our video adds a twist to this traditional tale, exploring the theory that perhaps the child may be of extraterrestrial origin, while also playing with the idea of astral projection. This concept is further explored through Seiran Tsuno’s amazing costume design.
To emphasize the natural beauty of the track, we minimized the number of cuts. The camera rotates and flips, giving the feeling of slowly turning the pages of a picture book. This lets the viewer find something new each time. To achieve this effect, we developed a compact rotating camera rig, which allowed us to achieve 360 degree rotations within the confines of a low-ceilinged traditional Japanese house.

TOKYO : Produce, Color grading
Director : Kento Yamada
Producer : Shunsuke Imoto
Production Manager : Kanna Naiki, Yuuma Matsuoka
Editor : Kento Yamada, Rintaro Kozasa
Colorist : Ben Conkey
Production Company : TOKYO
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