The Japanese idol band group BiSH, announced that they will disband in 2023. It’s sad but we still have lots to catch up with them! BiSH recently teamed up with six up-and-coming Japanese directors and has made an omnibus film that shows a different side of BiSH.

TOKYO has worked with one of the films called VOMiT with Kento Yamada as director. The film’s score was written by yahyel which Kento is also a member of.
The theme is ”conflict against peer pressure”. In order to bring out the best in Lingling, the main character of the film, the story is told solely through music and dance, without any dialogue.


BiSH presents PCR is PAiPAi CHiNCHiN ROCK’N’ROLL is currently on a roadshow from 10 June 2022. Check out the official website for theater information and more!
Enjoy the six colourful pieces of art.

TOKYO : Produce, Direction
Director : Kento Yamada
Producer : Shunsuke Imoto
Production Manager : Hayate Ogura, Shunsuke Nakamura, Shun Nishijima
Casting : Lingling (BiSH)
Production Company : TOKYO
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