Koji Naoi Director of Photography

Koji is an internationally well known steadicam/camera operator working with film director John Woo for his “Man Hunt” movie. Since 2013 he started working as a steadicam operator mentored by Eric Fletcher SOC. After working in the advertisement industry, he then entered the world of feature films and dramas. He has worked with numerous films internationally such as “Eearthquake Bird(dir: Wash Westmoreland)” and “Lost Girls and Love Hotels(dir: William Olsson)” and BBC drama “Giri/Haji”. He actively engages in operations and has an eye for understanding actor’s feelings. Recently, he has successfully expanded his territory as a Cinematographer.

✆  +81-70-3872-6111 (mg: Akiko Senju)


PROMISE – The arrival of the Promise

NETFLIX – Sanctuary

Emporio Armani / SS2021

chelmico – Summer day