Mandy – Expressions

TOKYO has produced Mandy Corrente’s Mesmerizing Music Video ‘Expressions’ featuring the multitalented singer, dancer, and influencer, Mandy Corrente from Miami. Her captivating new single, ‘Expressions,’ is produced by the renowned Poo Bear.


In this imaginative odyssey, Mandy embarked on a quest to a world devoid of facial expressions to save its people(cute animals!), transforming it into a vibrant and colorful realm. Inspired by the success of TOKYO’s previous collaboration music video with Dua Lipa, we were asked by the label to create another one with the aesthetic of 80’s-90’s Japanese animation. The video combines live-action shots of 8-year-old Mandy, filmed remotely in Miami, it captures Mandy’s youthful energy. While the animation depicts a faded world without her presence, TOKYO worked with the Japanese animation studio CALF. Creating a seamless blend of reality and fantasy.


We invite you to immerse yourself in this music video and experience the joy we felt throughout the production journey!


Animation Producer: Kei Oyama (CALF)

TOKYO : Produce
Creative Director : Yu Tsubaki
Director : Keita Seyama
Producer : Yuta Ueno
Editor : Keita Seyama
Production Company : TOKYO
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