McDonald’s – Samurai Mac

A new campaign for McDonald’s Samurai Mac, skillfully directed by Eiji Tanigawa, aims to expand its target audience beyond just adults but it’s on a quest to become everyone’s favorite national burger. And who better to lead the way than Karin Fujiyoshi from Sakurazaka 46, representing the resilience of today’s youth.


What sets the Samurai Mac apart—the charming slit bun. It’s a “road” to a delicious adventure and serves as a symbol of the campaign’s message “Carve out the path you desire”, and it takes center stage. The campaign portrays the Samurai as dynamic figures living in the present, blending elements of a documentary-style portrayal. Meanwhile, the youth are depicted in a static manner, reminiscent of baroque art.


The production was carefully crafted to breathe life into this connection and the young generation’s response to the samurai’s beliefs”. The film also plays with time, blurring the past and present in a delightful paradox.

TOKYO : Direction
Director : Eiji Tanigawa
Director of Photography : Gen Ito
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