Restaurant of Mistaken Orders

“Restaurant of Mistaken Orders” is an event that takes the form of restaurants to spread dementia awareness. All waiters have dementia, and therefore make mistakes when taking orders. Through the setting of the restaurant, the film encourages openness, tolerance and communication within society and the mistakes are soon forgotten. This initiative has been gaining attention around Japan and has expanded its events to various places.

The “Restaurant of Mistaken Orders” project aims to encourage people to consider how to include those that suffer from dementia in society, rather than isolating them. TOKYO’s Suzuko Ohgaki has worked as a member of the project from its beginning, aiming to spread the message through her film direction and editing. Driven by Ohgaki and the whole team’s passion, the project was recognized at many awards.

TOKYO : Direction, Edit, Camera
Director : Suzuko Ohgaki
Director of Photography : Suzuko Ohgaki
Editor : Suzuko Ohgaki
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