TOKYO was responsible for developing the concept, planning, directing, and producing the film and graphics for the REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR BEAUTY.
It tells a story that Shiseido’s researchers are passionate about discovering the perfect combination of natural ingredients using cutting-edge science. The concept is inspired and developed by finding commonalities in the realms of the Japanese tea ceremony culture which emphasizes the importance of once-in-a-lifetime encounters and the special sense of unity that arises when the host entertains their guests with wholehearted hospitality, leaving them with a deep sense of appreciation and awe. It highlights Shiseido’s products, which embody the perfect blend of science and nature, and are designed to help people achieve their own unique beauty.


TOKYO : Produce, Direction, Planner
Creative Director : Suzuko Ohgaki
Director : Suzuko Ohgaki
Producer : Hide Nagasawa
Production Company : TOKYO
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