Suntory – The Japanese Craft GIN “ROKU”

Suntory GIN ROKU is crafted from six uniquely Japanese natural ingredients, including cherry blossom, gyokuro tea, and yuzu, carefully harvested and distilled in their respective seasons. Despite holding the third-largest market share globally, it remains relatively unknown in its home country of Japan.


As a matter of course, the entire production team of this film found inspiration from ROKU’s lean, delicate, and refined taste. This inspiration led them to adopt a “less is more” approach, creating a new style for ROKU. As you explore the film, you’ll notice the team’s dedication to capturing the essence of ‘Zen’ and ‘Wabi & Sabi,’ creating a world that emanates from within. This is beautifully showcased through captivating shots of the product sizzle, resulting in a subtle and elegant film that reaffirms the unique goodness of Japan.


Eiji, the director of the film, has become a beloved enthusiast of ROKU and has been enjoying it ever since.
Cheers to a delightful cinematic journey that celebrates the essence of Japanese craftsmanship!

TOKYO : Direction
Director : Eiji Tanigawa
Director of Photography : Rakuda via momo inc.
Editor : Eiji Tanigawa
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