TouchFocus – Touch & Go Clear

TOKYO director Eiji Tanigawa directed a commercial film for all-new bifocal digital eyewear: Touch Focus.
With the Touch & Go Clear glasses, you can switch the perspective on and off between far and near vision.

Made for a global audience, this film introduces this new range of eyewear that could one day be a new standard in the future.
Eiji comments, “I wanted to showcase how much this eyewear has to offer, but at the same time I wanted the beauty and strength of the piece to be able to stand alone as a film. It was a great experience to work closely with the ad agency creatives to find the right tone and a sense of creativity that can speak globally. I imagined a world in which the older people live every day happily, excited about their lives and I translated this into a musical piece. I hope you can enjoy the hopes and dreams that I have for the future through this film.”

TOKYO : Direction
Director : Eiji Tanigawa
Director of Photography : Gen Ito
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