“Birdland” is a human drama that tells the story of a bedridden elderly man and his wife. One winter night, the old man watches the snow fall outside his window and remembers the last time he spent with his late wife.

Ryo commented on the film “With director Takeshi Kogahara, our goal for this short film was to create every shot with realism. In order to achieve this, I limited myself from using any documentary camera methods, such as handheld, or any methods that might be suggestive of psychological expression. I also limited the amount of camera movements and dynamic camerawork, rather shooting the elderly man who spends all day in his nursing bed as a static picture. I am really pleased with the simple lighting that we achieved for this shoot which compliments the story so beautifully. Some of my favourite shots in the film are the Steadicam shots used in several of the woods scenes which synchronise with the rhythm of the film. I hope you enjoy this film, particularly the breathtaking acting from the two main characters who play the elderly couple. They are awesome!”

TOKYO : Camera
Director : Takeshi Kogahara via Club_A
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