Director Ryuichi Hasegawa did not hold back in his web film for the launch of globally renowned beauty brand Lancome’s new product, GÉNIFIQUE, a fermented beauty lotion for skin.

Starring actor and Lancome Japan’s muse, Erika Toda – who for Ryuichi, perfectly embodies the ideal female figure, flawless in skin, body and mind – the film shows her growing even stronger and her skin becoming even more beautiful thanks to GÉNIFIQUE. The product gives her the confidence and determination to step into the New Normal of our changed everyday.

Ryuichi comments “The shoot went very smoothly because Erika has everything we needed for this film. In this era of the New Normal, health awareness is higher than ever and we wanted to evoke in the audience a sense of catharsis for our “new start”. There was a lot of trial and error in the edit, but with the powerful sound design, the whole film comes together as one.”

TOKYO : Direction, Edit
Director : Ryuichi Hasegawa
Director of Photography : Yusuke Suga
Editor : Ryuichi Hasegawa
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