Dramatic Yuya – Hoshino Tatakai

The sixth production, “Hoshino Tatakai – Battle of the Stars”,  written and directed by TOKYO’s director Takeshi Izumida and the lead actor Yuya Tanaka. The play will run from June 2nd to June 4th at Shinjuku Theater Brats in Tokyo.

In a statement, Yuya Tanaka expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming production, stating, “We have finally decided to quit watching videos of dogs and babies on social media and now we are ready for the show!”

Their previous shows had sold-out success, and this play will promise to be just as thrilling.  Book your ticket HERE!

Friday, June 2nd, to Sunday, June 4th .

Theatre Brats

TOKYO : Produce, Direction, Planner
Creative Director : Takeshi Izumida
Director : Takeshi Izumida
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