music by Shotgun, performed by George Ezra


TOKYO’s very own director, Eiji Tanigawa, has directed a handful of TV commercials for Honda ODYSSEY over the last couple of years. This new piece is for the brand’s latest model.

In the past, all shoots had taken place in Germany and Spain but this was not a possibility under the current situation. Shooting outside, on location, also proved difficult even domestically, because of the pandemic. “We came together to shoot in a studio, keeping all of our staff safe” said Eiji. “We are currently in a time where it is difficult to see the future. Everyone is being made to stop and reassess our lives, our family, our work, and working out what really matters to us. I wanted to capture the universality of “love” candidly and unreservedly. I chose to set the film against a white background to extract and vividly emphasise people’s love towards family, friends, others, our environments, the whole world, ourselves and cars. White also represents the white canvas of the future we will draw together. That is the message of the new Odyssey.”

TOKYO : Direction
Director : Eiji Tanigawa, Ryuichi Hasegawa
Director of Photography : Hideyuki Hashimoto
Narrator : Shinjirou Kameda
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