Yoshimotozaka46 CHAO – Sorry for liking you

Comedians and pseudo-girl group, Yuriyan Retriever, Yoshiko and Mahiru of Ganbareruya’s unit CHAO from Yoshiotozaka46 released this charming music video “Sorry for liking you”, directed by TOKYO’s Tsugumi Matsunaga.
In the music video, CHAO spend every single day striving for pure love. Director, Tsugumi, uses vacuum-packed items and garbage bags as props when conveying happiness, evoking the idea of preservation along with a fun playfulness. To express unhappiness – feelings you want to forget and move forward from – Tsugumi uses the motif of tidying and decluttering, which became the theme of this video. Placing three coloured rooms aligned consecutively behind the other, Tsugumi wanted to express a pure type of love, motivated by honest, candid feelings, which is emphasized further by her use of long shots.

TOKYO : Direction
Director : Tsugumi Matsunaga
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