Masaki Suda – NIJI

The latest TOKYO’s produced work, Masaki Suda’s music video “NIJI (Rainbow in English)” directed by renowned feature film director Mipo O whose film THE LIGHT SHINES ONLY THERE has won awards for Best Director at both the Yokohama and Montreal film festivals.

TOKYO producer, Maiko Shimada, teamed up with O to produce this touching music video for NIJI, which also features as the theme song for the Doraemon feature film, ‘STAND BY ME 2’.

The drama structured as the sequel to the feature film STAND BY ME 2 where Nobita and Shizuka finally got married in the film.  “NIJI” depicts the after happy marriage life of a couple played by talented actors Kotone Furukawa (Yell – NHK’s morning drama) and Masaki Suda.

It was when two months after O gave birth to her second son, she got offered to make this video. “When I heard the song “NIJI” while breastfeeding, my tears spilled after and after. It’s probably because the hormones after childbirth were stimulated, but at the same time, I see the young couple who are raising their baby, hand in hand came to my mind.”

Maiko says “In this music video a young couple brings a new life, and every single step and day is the footprint of them becoming a family.  Both actors play so well to make me cry on the set.  Hope you’d enjoy this video, it’s about a miracle and the power of love”

NIJI is written and produced by HUWIE Ishizaki.

TOKYO : Produce
Director : Mipo O
Producer : Maiko Shimada
Production Manager : Misuzu Horiuchi
Director of Photography : Hajime Tanaka
Actor / Actress : Kotone Furukawa, Masaki Suda
Production Company : TOKYO
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