SHISEIDO – Beauty OTAKU series

TOKYO director Suzuko Ohgaki created a series of global PR films for Shiseido’s instagram.
Her mission was to visualise the meticulously high quality of Shiseido products, produced at Shiseido’s Osaka factory. Using the Japanese concept of Otaku – meaning something in between connoisseur, nerd, specialist and expert – Suzuko conveyed Shiseido’s product crafters’ years of experience, honed skills and devotion to their work, by naming them Beauty Otaku.

Images of laboratory technicians and the factory’s mechanical pipelines are transplanted into an abstract space, giving the audience a unique experience resembling a factory tour.

Enjoy the sensuous world of Shiseido.

TOKYO : Produce, Direction, Edit
Director : Suzuko Ohgaki
Producer : Hide Nagasawa
Production Manager : Takeru Mashio, Shogo Hosokawa
Director of Photography : Tadashi Sato
Editor : Tamara Ishida (Assistant Editor)
Production Company : TOKYO
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