MASSMEDIAN – Job Interview

“Job Interview” was made as a submission for BOVA’s annual directorial competition for the advertisement industry.

TOKYO’s very own director Masaaki Nishimura won the Grand Prix at BOVA with this thoughtful and totally unpredictable witty piece. He developed the idea thinking about “Maybe the stupid delusions of my school days actually help my current job as a director”. Masaaki showcases the power of creativity in his film; he explains, “The competition’s requirement was to create something that touched young students’ hearts to inspire more of the younger generation to be interested in the industry. I wanted to show that there is something exciting away from big data or marketing data, and that is communicated well to the audience. I hope that this will also help students pursue the job that they love, and hopefully, that will be in the advertising industry!”

In the last part of the film, there is a scene where the two older men become panicked. Masaaki left it as loose as possible when directing, instead asking the actors to play their roles freely. It was certainly a success, wasn’t it!

Theme:A film that inspires the interest of students in the advertisement industry

About “Brain Online Video Award(BOVA)”
BOVA is an online video contest started in 2013 by BRAIN magazine, aiming to revitalize the video production industry and discover new online film creators.

TOKYO : Produce, Direction
Director : Masaaki Nishimura
Producer : Shunsuke Imoto
Production Manager : Akari Kubota, Hayate Ogura, Shusuke Nakamura
Production Company : TOKYO
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