“Hair album” was made as a submission for BOVA’s annual directorial competition for the advertisement industry.

TOKYO director Yuki Ishikawa teamed up with stop motion animator Takeshi Yashiro (GON, The Little Fox) bringing dolls, made of hair, to life in this beautiful and touching film.

Having your hair cut can evoke an abundance of positive feelings and emotions beyond what we might imagine. It may encourage us to take a step forward – into the unknown or into a new chapter of our lives. Changing the colour of our hair may also change our perspective and make us think differently. A hair salon is such a magical place that has the power to change our lives! On the other hand, being a hairstylist can be tough, with one of the highest rates of job turnover. One of the aims of this film was to reaffirm to those hairstylists how wonderful a job can be.
The story begins with an old woman sitting in a hair salon; she has recently lost her love and life partner.
Yuki had lengthy discussions with her team about how a person in a situation like this can move forward. She asked “What do we as people need?” and weaved this into the story.


The technical challenge was creating the stop motion animation out of hair, something that no one has ever seen or done before. Yuki comments, “I hope people enjoy this beautiful stop motion created by a talented animation team. The uncontrollable nature of the hair causes unintentional slight movements, creating a sense of motion and giving a charm to the film. Perhaps next time you visit the hair salons and see hair on the floor, your dreams might be filled with different stories of beautiful lives!”


Theme:A film that depicts “the moment when life changes” at a hair salon

About “Brain Online Video Award (BOVA)”
BOVA is an online video contest started in 2013 by BRAIN magazine, aiming to revitalize the video production industry and discover new online film creators.


TOKYO : Produce, Direction
Director : Yuki Ishikawa
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