RENOVA – Creating our future with renewable energy

Filmed for RENOVA which company’s core business is that develops sustainable energy to coexists with nature.
TOKYO’s director Ryuichi Hasegawa spent a year shooting RENOVA’s power plants across the Japanese archipelago in Hakodate (Hokkaido), Lake Tazawa (Akita Prefecture), Karumai (Iwate Prefecture), Kitakyushu (Fukuoka Prefecture), and Tokyo.
Ryuichi aims to capture carefully the magnificent scenery of various parts of Japan and the “moment of now” weaved by the people who actually work and live in those areas.
It gives concreteness to the prosperous future advocated by RENOVA.

TOKYO : Produce, Direction, Camera
Director : Ryuichi Hasegawa
Producer : Hide Nagasawa
Production Manager : Tomoko Morishige, Akari Kubota, Miyu Takahashi
Director of Photography : Tadashi Sato, Shuhei Yanagida
Editor : Ryuichi Hasegawa, Tamara Ishida
Production Company : TOKYO
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