TOKYO’s founder and film director Eiji Tanigawa has been working in the advertising film industry for over a decade and has won numerous awards, including GOLD in Cannes Lions Festival’s film category. He has now fulfilled his long time dream to direct a drama, which comes in the form of a 30-minute TV drama, produced as part of FOD’s original omnibus series, “Nogizaka Cinemas -STORY of 46-“. The series is a collaboration between members of the Japanese pop idol band, Nogizaka 46, and promising film directors who have stepped into the TV drama industry for the first time. Tanigawa has written and directed the 9th episode which is available to watch on FOD (Fuji Television Network, Inc.’s streaming service) and on Fuji TV.

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*Image is provided by Fuji Television Network, Inc.

TOKYO : Produce, Direction, Edit, Camera
Director : Eiji Tanigawa
Assistant Director : Eriko Amari
Producer : Yuta Ueno
Director of Photography : Tadashi Sato
Editor : Eiji Tanigawa
Actor / Actress : Shiori Kubo, Takashi Okabe, Ryu Morioka, Keiko Horiuchi
Production Company : TOKYO
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