Mao Ohkawara Director of Photography

Mao studied at the Nihon University College of Art, majoring in filmmaking. After graduating from school, he worked at PICT as an assistant cameraman for 5 years. He wanted to deepen his skills and style, in consequence, he decided to study under Tomoyuki Kawakami. In the course of 2 years, he became an independent cameraman. Currently, he’s involved in making advertisements, music videos, tv dramas, and short films.
✆ +81-80-6863-5514 (mg: Ayuko Ishibashi)


ano – Namida-kun, Kyou mo Ohayou

JBL – Winter 2023

Cybozu – kintone


Official Higedandism – Chessboard

Lilas Ikuta – Midnight Talk

Glico – Ice No Mi

Glico – icenomi

eill MV WE ARE

10-Feet – Dai Zero Kan

Official HIGE Dandism – MV Subtitle

Creema – Nowhere, but here.

SMOOTHSKIN – Opantsu-kun

DRAFT – Design Without Limits

Hitsujibungaku – Lucky