Hitsujibungaku – Lucky

TOKYO’s very own director Jo Motoyo has directed a music video for the Japanese band, Hitsujibungaku. When discussing the concept of their new song entitled ‘Lucky’, the band members explained to Jo that Lucky is, in fact, a character in the song.

Building on this idea, Jo envisaged Lucky as a hero that saves the protagonist of the music video. Lucky protects the protagonist, doing things for her that she herself felt that she could not do, even when she wanted to. Jo explains that she once wished for such a superhero when she was an adolescent.
“When you are in your adolescent years, you feel that you are different from others; other kids felt like totally different creatures to me! So I would feel sort of alone in my own little world, it was a strange time of my life. This became my inspiration for the film; I wanted to visualise how I felt during that time. It is very personal to me and I also see it as a sort of gift to adolescents everywhere. While brainstorming and developing the concept, I found that many people around me felt the same way about this difficult period in their lives. So I hope that this video reaches people who are finding their way through the challenges of adolescence. Enjoy.” (Jo Motoyo).

TOKYO : Produce, Direction
Director : Jo Motoyo
Producer : Go Tanabe
Production Manager : Akari Kubota, Yuta Hayami
Director of Photography : Mao Okawara
Actor / Actress : Asumi Narita, KAi MiWA
Production Company : TOKYO
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