Sano ibuki – Anone

TOKYO director Kazuki Takahashi collaborated with creative director, Suguru Myoen of kakeru, to realise this sentimental and emotional music video for Sano Ibuki’s new song ‘Anone’.

The idea for the film was to depict the memories and traces of a past lover, left behind in a room in which much time has been spent together.
The story is not a dramatic or fantastical one, yet actor, Yuka Suzuki, beautifully captures the small looks and gestures which express the emotions felt at these kinds of times, on these otherwise normal days.

At times caring, other times mean and sometimes even unnecessary lies are emotions translated into words which are then passed to your loved one. Where do our true feelings feel at a home?

TOKYO : Produce, Direction
Director : Kazuki Takahashi
Producer : Tomoko Morishige
Production Manager : Takeru Mashio, Hayate Ogura
Director of Photography : Daichi Hayashi
Lighting Direction | Gaffer : Haruka Harazawa
Production Company : TOKYO
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